Concrete Sleeper Plant represents the biggest sleeper factory in the Caucasus region with 17-year production experience. Since 2011 year, production line of ferro-concrete poles had been installed in the company, which has no analogue in the region. The factory produces 1520 mm and1435 mm standard sleepers.

Besides the production of sleepers and ferro-concrete poles, “Concrete Sleeper Plant“ Ltd. has decades of experience in production of pre-stressed and non-stressed precast concrete materials.

The company participates in the largest local and international projects, such as construction of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway, Tbilisi bypass project, rehabilitation of the Georgian Railway. 

The company is the official representative of “Pandrol UK” not only in Georgia, but also in Armenia and Azerbaijan. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery as well as with automatic control concrete plant; by the latest system of thermal-humidity processing, high tech laboratory and full line of infrastructure, which provides continuous delivery of products by the railway and trucks.

The staffis composed of highly qualified and skilled personnel as well as the factory has introduced modern management and accounting systems. Concrete Sleeper Plant owns ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.