About Company

Mixori was established in 2008. Initially Mixori started sand and gravel extraction from the bank of the river Ksani, what after a short period, was followed by the construction of modern concrete plant in Avchala. A few months after establishment, Mixori already had highest standard concrete plant, modern laboratory and modern heavy equipment.

Our main task is the implementation of international standards and quality in Georgia. To this end, we are constantly working on maintaining and improving concrete quality. Our qualified technicians are constantly checking compliance of concrete produced with local and international standards.

Mixori has international quality management certificate (ISO) for the production and delivery of ready-mixed concrete, which is constantly updated. Our experienced team constantly monitors the timely delivery of concrete to the site in compliance with the standards.

In 2010, Mixori with a 100-percent stake bought “Concrete Sleeper Plant” Ltd., which after investment of several million Georgian lari, has become one of the best concrete construction plant in Caucasus.

On April 22, 2016 Mixori has merged with Concrete Sleeper Plant, and today both companies operate under one brand.

From the establishment day, Mixori is actively engaged in the construction industry. Our company has built a lot of buildings for various purposes, including Barambo confectionery Plant, Multifunctional center on Cotton Row, Laboratory in Gori, and Residential house at Meidan.

Mixori is the best building partner for companies which quality and time are very important for. Our unique concrete mix design is a guarantee of its quality. Experienced and competent staff provide a continuous supply of concrete in a very short time.

Concrete constructions made by Mixori are out of competition on the Georgian market. All the important railway projects in Georgia are supplied by our sleepers and catenary poles. Our products are being used for the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars project, Tbilisi Railway Bypass Project and rehabilitation of the existing railway lines in Georgia.

We are constantly striving to develop and we always try to offer innovative high-quality product on the Georgian market.


Sand and Gravel Production

  • High quality raw materials
  • Italian factory line
  • Capacity 50 m3/h

Mixori extracts sand material on bank of river Ksani. River sand differs with high quality and density. Taken materials goes under high pressure hammer, is sorted according to the sizes and is washed off. Then the clay maintenance is sand is minimized.

Sand and different size gravel is made from the crushed material. The processing method is dry crushing.



Mixori provides all kind construction works:

  • All kind of grounding
  • Reconstruction works
  • Reinforced concrete frame assembling
  • Repairing works
  • Interior/Exterior works
  • Organization of territory

In order to meet required standards, high importance is paid to the stable running of the processes.

Before starting construction works, we prepare working schedule, define personnel supply system, quality and safety control measures. Safety is priority for our company. Specially hired Safety Officers are responsible for keeping working process safe.

List of our partners includes the foreign companies as well as the Georgian ones.


Quality Control

Product quality control is a permanent process. This includes control of production on every step. Therefore, we are sure and responsible for the quality of our products.

In newest gear laboratory company technologists define quality of all components (cement, sand, gravel, and plasticizer) and only after finishing all testing processes is defined concrete mix design, which ensures strength and quality of final product.

In spite of the fact, that preliminary testing assure the quality of the final product, equal importance is paid to the testing of the final product.

Concrete cubes are checked on density, resistance, strength and only after successful testing, mix design is used for manufacturing.

Competent staff, Italian laboratory (CONTROL’S GROUP - Solutions for Testing), constant control of the manufacturing process and high-quality raw materials guarantee highest quality of our production.

Manufacturing the high quality building materials is the main principle and supreme law of our company.

Constantly renewed international quality management certificate (ISO 9001: 2008) proves that our company meets international quality standards.